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The Soul Sync® technique has great potential to harmonize our thoughts and emotions. It is possible to achieve a better quality of life and impact all those around us.

That is why we are willing to provide private accompaniment to any person looking for specific solutions for different complications. Thus, an expert in the subject may dedicate his/her time, experience and knowledge to offer personalized therapeutic experiences and achieve defining a life purpose.

The goal of all accompaniment or coaching is to reach coherence in the communication of the mind and intuition. When these two elements work correctly together, it is easier to experiment wellness and give sense to our life. Our technique is based mainly on the use of stethoscopes to listen to the heartbeat and thus reconnect with ourselves.


The accompaniment or coaching of a specialist can treat the following topics:

· Motivation · Realization · Sexuality · Limiting Beliefs ·
· Depression · Identity & Personality · Anxiety · Traumas · Addictions ·

Personal Accompaniment

Safe Technique

Ongoing Support (optional)

The accompaniment or coaching staff starts from 1 session of 30 minutes per week.

The purpose of this technology is to facilitate an internal reconnection to achieve brain-heart synchrony and thus develop intelligent intuition through interoception. Soul Sync® 2020, all rights reserved. Concept and Identity designed by Mayan Solutions.

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