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In Soul Sync® we discover that the human heart is capable of synchronize with other people's. This is a characteristic that appears since being in the mother's womb.

Thanks to this, we designed a unique experience of reconnection and recognition, emotional and spiritual, between two or more people. In it, two persons can listen to their own hearts with the help of a stethoscope, and are guided with synchronization exercises of breathing and affirmations of power that strengthen the relationship.

In this unparalleled experience, participants can recognize the natural synchronization that happens between their own hearts and their companions'. Likewise, they will learn to interpret the messages that the heart communicates.

This workshop can be experienced in group and/or in couples (family and friends apply). The experience guarantees the creation of a new channel of communication between people, offering a new way of collaboration and conciliation that prevails for the rest of their lives.


Duration of the workshop: 1.5 hours.
Capacity: up to 20 people.

Unique Experience

Safe Technique

Unforgettable Gift

The purpose of this technology is to facilitate an internal reconnection to achieve brain-heart synchrony and thus develop intelligent intuition through interoception. Soul Sync® 2020, all rights reserved. Concept and Identity designed by Mayan Solutions.

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