Sound Sync

In Soul Sync® we believe that music is one of the most powerful tools of harmonization that exists. We know that the code of music is synchronization, so we seek to offer a very special kind of sound experience where the instrument that sets the rhythm is the heart itself.

The music created for the experience is designed to flow naturally with the heart rate, so as to stimulate synchronization of all sounds together. This directly benefits the heart/brain relationship through our nervous system (heart/brain coherence).

The musicians in charge of the sound are world artists and the experience they offer is unique in each concert, as the tones that emerge are the result of an elegant improvisation based on the rhythm of the heart.

Of course, all Soul Sync® Soundhealings are wearing a stethoscope , so that it is possible to contemplate the rhythm of the heart in synchronization with the rest of musical instruments. This enhances the sound experience, transforming it into a therapeutic process of great impact that induces relaxation and the awakening of our musical sense, balancing our brain hemispheres.


Duration: 2 hours.
Capacity: Limited groups.

Unique Experience

Original Sounds

Live Music

The purpose of this technology is to facilitate an internal reconnection to achieve brain-heart synchrony and thus develop intelligent intuition through interoception. Soul Sync® 2020, all rights reserved. Concept and Identity designed by Mayan Solutions.

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