Soul Sync Experience

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In Soul Sync® we know that the heartbeat stimulates the most powerful neuro-associations established in our brain: the mother's womb. Thanks to this discovery, it is possible to strengthen specific meditations and reach deeper results by using stethoscopes during the sessions.

In addition, we have found that listening to the heartbeat is a way of Self-Discovery and Self-Healing, because by stimulating the sensitive states of the womb, our brain works strategically to facilitate the remembering of our life so that it can be re-interpreted and reconstructed.

Our meditations seek to access useful energy stored in specific moments of personal history and thus redirect it to the discovery and realization of our purpose in life. At all times, the suggested recapitulations focus on the empowerment, gratitude and resilience.

Meditations can be experienced in group or individually. Our meditations may include a theoretical workshop focused on the interoception, where you learn to interpret the messages of our hearts.


Duration of the experience: 60 minutes
Workshop duration: 60 minutes
$30 USD

Unique Experience

Safe Technique

Easy to learn

The purpose of this technology is to facilitate an internal reconnection to achieve brain-heart synchrony and thus develop intelligent intuition through interoception. Soul Sync® 2020, all rights reserved. Concept and Identity designed by Mayan Solutions.

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