More than a Sound Healing, it is a concert of hearts...

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"Medicine is the Heart".

-Hunab Amaya

In Soul Sync® we discovered that listening to our own heart is a very effective practice known as biofeedback. This is a technique that consists of consciously regulating mental states and physiological functions through the use of a very simple feedback system: the sound of the heart at the moment.

When we listen to our own heart, the conscious part of our brain is able to perceive the natural rhythms of the heart and we experience a natural synchronization between the different systems of our body. This directly benefits the psyche by creating brain-heart coherence.

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"The heart, with its sound, knocks on the doors of the spirit."

-Hunab Amaya

Listening to our own heart is already a profound healing experience. To this we add live music designed to flow naturally with the heart rate, so as to stimulate synchronization of all sounds together.

The experience is carried out with a stethoscope , so that it is possible to contemplate the rhythm of the heart in synchronization with breathing and musical instruments. This enhances the sound experience, transforming it into a therapeutic process of great impact that induces relaxation and the awakening of our natural musical sense.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Capacity: NO LIMIT
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"We created the term Beat Healing to help the world listen to its heart again."

- Soul Sync

Unique Experience

A unique state of relaxation is experienced and self-perception capabilities are improved, which impacts the general state of health.

Self healing

Being a natural Bio-Feedback technique, the different systems of the body can enter into coherence without external influences.

Live Music

By synchronizing the sounds of the heart with vibrations and live instruments, the experience is greatly enhanced.

Have you already lived it?

Share your experience with us so that we can advance our research. Your testimony is essential to improve the technique and make Beat Healing known throughout the world.

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Our mission it is to help that the whole world to listen to its own heart in an audible way. The purpose of Soul Sync is to facilitate this experience. We created the term "Beat Healing" so that the world listens to its heart again.

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