Learn more about topics related to Neuroscience, Transpersonal Psychology and music. Here you will find information that supports the Soul Sync® experience in a scientific and didactic way.

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Bio-Feedback, a revolutionary possibility of healing

"Mindfulness frees us from forgetfulness and dispersion and makes it possible to fully live every minute of...
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What if there was a word that integrated "feel" and "think"? It is a unique event in existence; it's like...

Listening to your heart with a stethoscope step by step

"The heart, with its sound, knocks on the doors of the spirit." Hunab Amaya. At Soul Sync we created a term called "Beat Healing"...

Cymatics - Fractal Geometry

An opportunity to link geometry with mental health. The Internet is flooded with music and audio tuned to frequencies...

Interoception - The Road to Self-Discovery

"Educating the mind, without educating the heart, is not educating at all" Aristotle. That something "beats" us, or feel that we have...

Neuroscience and Innovation Books FOR FREE

Ricardo Perret is one of the most dedicated researchers in the field of innovation, who dedicated his life...

Secrets of the heart/brain relationship

Have you ever listened to your own heart? It may be that this common phrase has a much more "measurable" meaning...

Transpersonal Psychology - Interview

If you have heard of Carl Jung, you will know that he marked a radical change in studies that until the century...

Our mission it is to help that the whole world to listen to its own heart in an audible way. The purpose of Soul Sync is to facilitate this experience. We created the term "Beat Healing" so that the world listens to its heart again.

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