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Family Experience

Music and Medicine It is a family event that offers an immersive experience towards the individual internal world and allows deepening human ties.

We use technology designed by us to guide a journey of connection, healing and self-discovery through the sound of the heart. We use stethoscopes so participants can listen to their own hearts.

The activities during the experience are:

  • Meditation
    • Introduction to Interoception
    • Visions induced by the sound of the heart
    • Synchrony and Coherence Mind/Heart
  • Exploration
    • Constellations Heart
    • The Music of the Heart
    • Testimonials
  • Celebration
    • Closing Group Singing
    • Live Music
    • Conviviality and Dance

Unique Experience

A unique state of relaxation is experienced and self-perception capabilities are improved, which impacts the general state of health.

Human Connection

It improves the ability to observe internal emotions and choose habits and environments that balance our well-being.

Live Music

By synchronizing the sounds of the heart with vibrations and live instruments, the experience is greatly enhanced.

They facilitate:

Hunab Amaya

Hunab Amaya

Luis Hunab Amaya is a Mexican artist focused on the healing arts with more than 10 years of experience. His work aims to delve into any practice for personal growth and transpersonal fulfillment.
The experiences he designs combine deep psychological tools with ancient multicultural wisdom. He is the founder of Soul Sync®.

Marce 2

Dr. Marcella Uliana

Marcella Uliana is an experienced Brazilian physician with training in Functional Medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga and Energy Healing. As a facilitator, holds space to bring light to persistent and deep-seated trauma providing a compassionate foundation for transformation, healing and integration. Collaborate in Soul Sync since 2021.

The activities are lived in a way group. It is important that the person attends in comfortable clothes and brings their bottle of water.

Duration of the experience: Up to 3 hours

Our mission it is to help that the whole world to listen to its own heart in an audible way. The purpose of Soul Sync is to facilitate this experience. We created the term "Beat Healing" so that the world listens to its heart again.

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