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Respiracion Sincrónica

In Soul Sync® we developed a technique of mindfulness meditation where the focus goes to the synchronization of the systems that regulate the human body, specifically the heart rate and the respiratory system.

We have developed a unique concept, in which, through sync codes (patterns of specific counts stimulated by the heartbeat) we can reach states of increased consciousness in a natural way.

Thus, two of the most important organs of our body (the brain and the heart) begin to work together aware, establishing a new communication channel that will potentially benefit the cellular oxygenation and the use of energy.

We practically begin to create music with our body systems, being the rhythm indicated by the cardiac pulse, and the melody by our own breath.


Workshop duration: 2 hours.
Capacity: up to 20 people.
Cost: Check below

Unique Experience

Safe Technique

Unforgettable Gift

Our mission it is to help that the whole world to listen to its own heart in an audible way. The purpose of Soul Sync is to facilitate this experience. We created the term "Beat Healing" so that the world listens to its heart again.

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