Inspired by the power of the heartbeat, we develop guided meditations that help stimulate our system's synchronization. Even music is specifically composed to achieve synchrony between sounds and the inner journey.

With our technology Heart Sync we use the sound of a heartbeat to induce deep states of concentration in a very short time. When making your purchase, you will also get the same meditation without Heart Sync. Thus, you can enjoy playing the meditation in an external horn and use a stethoscope so that your own heartbeat is the guide.

Your purchase includes:

· HD audio with Heart Sync technology.
· HD audio without Heat Sync technology.
· Original Artwork and HD Wallpaper for smartphone.


Experience our Heart Sync technology in this powerful free guided meditation clicking on the link below:

Meditations in English

*All prices are based on USD, American dollar.

The purpose of this technology is to facilitate an internal reconnection to achieve brain-heart synchrony and thus develop intelligent intuition through interoception. Soul Sync® 2020, all rights reserved. Concept and Identity designed by Mayan Solutions.

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